Epsom community initiative awarded $10,000 to help disadvantaged youth

Epsom news
Friday, June 5, 2015

InZone Education Foundation has been awarded $10,000 of Government ‘services for young people’ funding and Hon Paul Goldsmith, National List MP based in Epsom, is pleased.

“This group is receiving $10,000 to help them provide personal development and mentoring support to around 20 young people from disadvantaged communities.

“The young people involved with InZone will greatly benefit from the safe learning environment and quality support that the foundation offers.

“Young people who take the opportunities community groups make available build essential skills and confidence for their futures,” said Mr Goldsmith.

The InZone Education Foundation funding has been announced following Youth Week 2015 which ran from 23-31 May and recognised the contributions of young people in New Zealand.

“Youth Week this year was themed, ‘we are the future’. When I meet young Aucklanders I see a bright future ahead, it is tremendous that initiatives supporting our young people are receiving the backing they need,” said Mr Goldsmith.